About Us


Martin Day began working in central Birmingham in the West Midlands industrial property markets in the early 1980s, moving to Norwich in 1987 to run the local commercial property services office of a major assurance company. He then spent nearly ten years based in the Norwich office of a leading regional firm of chartered surveyors.

Martin established his sole practitioner business in July 2000 as a truly independent and client centered advisor supported by a number of well known local businesses

Industrial Specialist

Martin Day Chartered Surveyors specializes in industrial and business space property. We operate in Norwich and Norfolk as well as in Suffolk and elsewhere for our clients.

Acquisitions, disposals, rent reviews and lease renewals form the bulk of normal work but Martin has several consultancy roles too.


We are regularly approached for advice in confidence. Sometimes clients need to appraise opportunities for growth or consolidation in such a way as to control who has access to their thoughts.


When an instruction is taken, Martin takes a committed approach to delivering the intended result. You could call it a personal thing.


Sometimes fast and furious, sometimes slow and delicate. But always thought through, deliberate and appropriate. That's the kind of approach we expect from our advisers, so that is what we provide to our clients.


We know our strengths and play to them. When we need it, we have access to expertise in other related fields... from the best providers.


Since 2000, we have let, sold or acquired space from a few square metres up to 17 acres for a major relocation. We have handled rent reviews and lease renewals totaling several hundreds of thousands of square feet and given consultancy advice on a range of diverse property issues.